Isocrete Floor screeds at Ecobuild: Green Floorzone Build up Part 2

New for 2015, the Green Floorzone now includes the environmentally friendly, self-levelling Isocrete Alpha Screed. 

The Isocrete Alpha Screed, the latest addition to Flowcrete UK’s Green Screeds range, provides large-scale construction sites with an innovative, pump applied, self levelling screed option that provides a smooth, self-compacting surface which can be topped with a variety of floor finishes. 

95% of the alpha hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate binder used in this solution is reclaimed from waste created by coal power stations, significantly reducing the amount of industrial by-product sent to landfills. This cement free formulation also avoids the environmentally harmful side affects of producing and using cement. 

The Isocrete Alpha Screed has a 20% faster drying time compared to traditional anhydrite flowing screeds and its laitance free finish means that sanding is not required prior to the application of a coating – speeding up the floor’s overall installation timescale. 

Depending on the needs of the construction project, the Alpha Screed can be delivered to the installation area either ready mixed or in a mobile mixing unit.

The screed material is then machine pumped to the various levels of the development. 

Unlike many screed production operations, Flowcrete UK’s London based fixed screed mixing plant operates seven days a week – meaning that developers in the London area can be supplied with screed material on the day that suits them best. 

This combination of installation methodology and the Alpha Screed’s formulation means that up to 2,000mcan be applied per day. The system doesn’t sacrifice speed for performance, as it exhibits minimal cracking and no curling. The construction joint free finish also has a high strength that meets BRE Test Category A. (BS8204) and its low thickness is a weight saving advantage.  

Visitors to stand N6020 at Ecobuild 2015 can find out about Flowcrete UK’s Isocrete Green Screed options, which have had all traces of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) removed from their formulation. This reduces the amount of harmful COemissions that the construction industry releases into the atmosphere. 

Flowcrete UK will also be demonstrating the benefits of Isocrete Bagged K-Screed. The early drying, high strength Isocrete K-Screed range is now supplied in easy to use pre-mixed 25kg bags to provide higher levels of consistency, as it is now easier to achieve the optimum 4-1 mix ratio. 

Architects can incorporate additional flooring elements into an Isocrete Alpha Screed to provide added value through the floor. This includes the Isowarm Underfloor Heating system, which delivers efficiency savings of up to 30% compared to conventional heating methods and a layer of Isocrete Acoustic K foam can also be included within the sub-floor to reduce the passage of airborne sound. 

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