Resin Floor Finishes at Ecobuild: Green Floorzone Build Up Part 3

The finishing touch to the Green Floorzone is the seamless epoxy resin terrazzo system Mondéco.

This product provides architects with a flooring option that combines sustainability and functionality with one-of-a-kind, striking aesthetics.

Visitors to stand N6020 at Ecobuild 2015 will be able to see the latest edition to this collection – Mondèco Arctic. This new range provides architects with the ability to create large expanses of glittering white floor with the added advantage that it has an enhanced resistance to UV light 

Architects can let their imagination run wild with Mondèco, as it can be laid in bespoke designs using an innovative application technique. Metal trims are used to outline the shapes and then the blocks are filled in with the Mondéco material in a paint-by-numbers style. The floor then undergoes diamond grinding until the surface is smooth, polished and glittering.

A variety of light reflective aggregates, including glass, mirror glass, marble, mother of pearl, granite and flint can be incorporated into a Mondéco floor to fashion a shimmering, luxurious finish.

Many of these aggregates have been reclaimed from waste streams to minimise the amount of environmentally harmful material taken to landfills. Mondéco Mirrazzo floors for example contain more than 50% recycled material.

Mondéco can be combined with the Isocrete Green Screeds range as well as Isowarm Underfloor Heating and Isocrete Acoustic K Foam to create an eye-catching, high performance floor build up that actively works to optimise the environment.    

The design potential of Mondéco has been utilised recently within several high profile developments, including at the prestigious Westfield London Shopping Centre, Westminster University, Zaha Hadid’s Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre and the SSE Hydro Arena.

Seamless and easy to clean, Mondéco is ideal for large commercial facilities such as retail centres, airports, hospitals and hotels that need to ensure the floor surface maintains a clean and inviting appearance.

Seamless epoxy has become an increasingly popular terrazzo flooring choice thanks to its long life span and the performance advantages it has over traditional cementitious terrazzo tiles. For example 300 mof Mondéco can be laid per day and it can be accessed after 48 hours, compared to the 100 mper day limit of tiles which will take seven days to become trafficable.

An epoxy terrazzo finish has a grout free, easy to clean finish that will maintain a seamless surface for an extended period of time, were as a tiled floor requires grout lines that are not only unsightly but which could lead to cracks where unwanted bacteria and dirt can accumulate.

The 7-9mm thickness of a Mondéco floor is a weight saving advantage compared to traditional tiles, which are typically much thicker at between 28-35mm. Despite this thin nature Mondéco is more durable and chemically resistant than cementitious terrazzo tiles.

To find out how to make the most of this system Flowcrete UK’s resin flooring experts at Ecobuild (stand N6020) will be happy to talk you through how to install a floor that will look like a pristine work of art for years to come. If you can’t wait until Ecobuild then download the new Mondéco brochure today.

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