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We know that health and safety is a major concern faced by our industrial manufacturing clients, that's why we, at Flowcrete UK, have developed a number of flooring concepts that help to reduce the risk of  slips, trips and other accidents in the workplace as well as improve workflow management to eliminate these problems at source…

Anti-slip floor finishes with an adjustable profile to suit your requirements…

As a manufacturing company, we are well aware of the heath and safety risks faced within the industry. In fact, did you know that the most common cause of slips in the workplace is contamination that has been left untreated on the surface of the floor?

It is with this is mind, that our team of resin flooring experts has developed the most advanced range of non slip flooring solutions, which guarantee to solve any slip concerns you may have.

Graded aggregates, laid between coats, built into the resin matrix or scattered on to the surface of the floor can build-up a resistant finish and provide a positively textured, non-slip coating.

What's more, with many of our industrial floor coating systems it is possible to adjust the slip-resistance grade to meet the requirements of your production facility…so, if you're frequently exposed to wet conditions you can opt for a more rigorous anti-slip profile.

Colourful floor demarcation & signage to keep everything in its place…

Another tactic that can be used to minimise safety risks within the industrial environment is the efficient practise of workflow management through the principles of 5S and lean manufacturing.

Bright signage, demarcation and instructional patterns can be drafted into the floor, or used upon the surface to outline the different zones, marking out walkways and aisle, loading back and stacking areas as well as those areas exposed to potential danger.

If you'd like to know more, we'd be happy to offer you a flooring consultation that discusses the safety advantages that can be achieved in this manner through the principles of 5S.

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Safety is an important factor of any manufacturing environments - anti-slip coatings from Flowcrete UK will go along way to reduce and even prevent accidents from occurring.

All of our industrial flooring systems can be graded for positive slip-resistance grades, most notable here are Flowcoat SF41Flowcoat LXPDeckshieldFlowfresh HF and Flowcrete HF, which will ensure a safe platform underfoot.

Colourful demarcation and signage can be created with virtually all of our systems and our colour palette includes a number of vibrant and eye-catching shades as standard to facilitate this type of application.

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To see how you could get more speed from your flooring materials, gives the Industrial Flooring Specialists a call on 01270 75300, or drop us an email at - we'll be happy to hear from you!

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