Traffic Deck Coating Systems Available from Flowcrete UK

Flowcrete UK supply and apply a wide range of high performance car park coating materials under the market-leading Deckshield brand.

Deckshield ED
The top deck of a car park is the most vulnerable surface of the structure, exposed to all of the elements as well as acids, oils, salt and UV radiation. Deckshield ED has been designed to withstand these severe conditions, providing a heavy-duty, UV-stable, elastomeric waterproofing system. Find out more about Deckshield ED.

Deckshield HD
Heavy duty traffic areas such as ramps and loading bays can be subject to extra stress, and require a hard-wearing and resilient flooring solution. Deckshield HD is a heavy-duty, flexible deck coating system which provides a crack bridging, waterproof surface for these demanding areas. Find out more about Deckshield ED.

Deckshield ID
Although internal decks of multi-storey structures are subject to less stress than top decks, they still have an important part to play in the parking facility. Deckshield ID, comes in a range of light-reflective, colourful finishes and offers clients a skid resistant deck solution, which also reduces noise from traffic squeal. Find out more about Deckshield ID.

Deckshield Rapide ED
Deckshield Rapide ED is a methyl methacrylate car park deck coating system providing a colourful watertight, hard wearing surface for exposed decks. Deckshield Rapide ED has been developed to enable very fast track applications, therefore dramatically reducing program time. Find out more about Deckshield Rapide ED.

To provide details of a live, upcoming or proposed car parking project, or alternatively to request Deckshield traffic deck samples or more information from Flowcrete UK, please complete the simple online form.

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