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The Green Floorzone…

Considering each element of its product lifecycle, The GREEN Floorzone from Flowcrete UK Ltd aims to become the most sustainable flooring solution available to the UK construction industry...

Covering every aspect of a commercial flooring installation, from substrate through to final floor finish, and including the option of adding both under floor heating and sound-proofing insulation, The GREEN Floorzone Solution offers architects and specification professionals all of the benefits of Flowcrete's ORIGINAL Floorzone Solution, only manufactured, sold and installed in an environmentally pro-active manner.

Hidden from sight, the complete floor-build up encompasses a variety of complex layers. As well as energy saving under floor heating and noise reducing acoustic insulation layers, recent innovations in flooring technologies have seen the development of green floor screeds which are free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Isocrete Green Screeds are also manufactured using a quantity of recycled raw materials and are ideally suited to use in both new-build and refurbishment projects. Isocrete Green Screeds are applied by Flowcrete UK's network of approved contractors.

Flowcrete's GREEN Floorzone Solution offers a number of environmentally friendly floor finishes including seamless terrazzo with more than 50%, recycled glass and mirror-glass content, stone carpets as well as durable sports surfaces developed from recycled rubber tyres.

How it Works…

An Eco-Friendly Resin Floor Finish
Mondéco Mirrazzo  |  Mondéco Crystal Ice  |  FlowSport  |  Rustik Glamourstone Rustik Natural Stone  |  Naturewalk

A Green Self-Levelling Isocrete Floor Screed
Isocrete 1500  |  Isocrete 4000  | Isocrete 5000  |  Isocrete Self Level Plus  |  Isocrete Self Level Base  |  Isocrete Self Level Renovation  |  Flowscreed Industrial Top

An Energy-Saving Underfloor Heating System
Isowarm Tackerboard System

A Noise-Reducing Acoustic Foam Layer
Isocrete Acoustic Foam

The 'Green' Benefits…

The GREEN Floorzone Solution from Flowcrete UK delivers a new and sustainable floor finish for environmentally aware construction projects - and it all comes backed by one manufacturer's warranty.

From substrate to finish, the environmentally pro-active GREEN Floorzone Solution is geared up to assist architects and specifiers qualify for green building credits through initiatives such as BREEAM and LEED®.

Additionally, many of our resins are manufactured in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management at our resin plant in Sweden.

Many components of the GREEN Floorzone Solution are delivered to site in recyclable UN certified IBC containers; helping to minimise wastage.

Flowcrete UK's GREEN Floorzone Solution offers sustainability for eco friendly buildings at all stages; many resins are solvent-free and water based and offer an excellent life expectancy, which can be in excess of 25 years for some systems given the correct maintenance.

To find out more about your GREEN Floorzone Solution from Flowcrete UK please download our brochure or email


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