Flowcrete Presents on Food Safe Flooring at Euro Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit

Flowcrete Presents on Food Safe Flooring at Euro Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit

06 May 2015

  • Flowcrete UK will be sharing its expertise.
  • Flowfresh meets ISO 22196 standards.
  • Polyurethane systems can be tailored to specific criteria.

Visitors to this year’s European Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit will be able to find out how antimicrobial enhanced flooring can safeguard food industry facilities against harmful bacteria build up.

The global resin specialists will be showcasing a complete flooring solution for food and beverage production and processing facilities at the Huis ter Duin, Netherlands, from the 18th to the 19th May.

Flowcrete UK’s comprehensive flooring package has been designed to create a hygienic, long lasting surface that can withstand the complex challenges of food manufacturing plants.

The food industry professionals at the event will be able to talk to Flowcrete UK’s experts about this package, which includes the antimicrobial enhanced Flowfresh polyurethane flooring system along with coving, hygienic epoxy wall coatings, stainless steel drainage and now a single component floor joint hybrid sealant.

Flowcrete UK will be sharing its expertise in a seminar entitled ‘Performance Flooring in Hygiene Sensitive Environments’, which will take place on Monday at 2:35pm in Stream Two.

This seminar will highlight the challenges that flooring faces in large-scale food production facilities and how thick polyurethane systems can be tailored to meet a site’s specific criteria. This ensures that the floor does not fail when faced with the inevitable heavy workload, corrosive chemicals, thermal shock and heavy impacts inherent to such environments.

Flowcrete UK’s Marketing Manager, Ian Jones, said: “The need to create a working space that can maintain an ultra-hygienic environment while simultaneously being highly productive is becoming more and more important.

“This is a key theme in all the countries that Flowcrete operates within, including across the European food markets, as demand increases at the same time as the industry’s regulators require manufacturers to comply with ever stricter hygiene standards.

“Flowcrete’s Flowfresh flooring helps facilities managers to meet these twin priorities, as the antimicrobial additive within the floor actively works alongside the cleaning regime to minimise threats from potential sources of contamination while providing a robust and reliable platform for the site’s operational activity.”

The polyurethane flooring range Flowfresh is at the heart of Flowcrete UK’s flooring package. Not only does this system create a seamless surface that can withstand an intense industrial environment, but the Polygiene® agent within the floor is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria that come into contact with the floor finish.

Created out of an exclusive partnership with Polygiene®, Flowfresh is the only flooring material that harnesses the natural bacteria killing properties of silver ions in this way.  The effectiveness of this system has been proven to meet the ISO 22196 standard of measuring a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness.

Flowfresh has become a popular flooring choice among some of the world’s most high profile food producers, including ThorntonsMcVitie’sHeineken, Clover and Cadbury.

To find out how to achieve operational excellence in a specific facility with a food safe flooring package talk to Flowcrete UK’s experts at the European Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit. If you can’t wait until then call 01270 753000 or email uk@flowcrete.comfor a one-on-one consultation or to arrange a site visit.


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Flowcrete supplies world-class seamless flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe including; decorative seamless resins, waterproof car park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, corrosion protection, self levelling underlayments, underfloor heating and now underfloor acoustic insulation.

Flowcrete's ambitious and dedicated team, led by President Craig Brookes, is inspired by excellence in people, products and service as well as continual innovation and sustainable growth. Flowcrete continues to use its global expertise to introduce environmentally friendly, hygienic and aesthetically attractive floors to create a better and more sustainable world.

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