Polished Performance At Doncaster Civic Offices

Polished Performance At Doncaster Civic Offices

17 Dec 2013

  • Mondéco Mirrazzo is a seamless epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish.
  • The flooring was overseen by Isocrete Project Management.
  • The product was delivered to site in recyclable, bulk containers.

Flowcrete UK’s sustainable floor finish, Mondéco Mirrazzo, is combining style with substance in a stunning project at Doncaster Civic Office.

The seamless terrazzo was applied in a phased refurbishment installation over a five week period at the South Yorkshire site.

Mondéco Mirrazzo is a seamless epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish, which utilises a blend of up to 60 per cent recycled crushed clear, coloured and mirrored glass and metal particles, for environmental performance.

The flooring was overseen by Isocrete Project Management, with contractor, Cannock-based Phoenix Specialist Flooring Contracts, carrying out the installation, over 1,000 square metres. The refurbishment was undertaken by main contractor Wates.

The works also included the development of p-cast features and in-situ stair treads and risers.

Kevin Storey, of Isocrete Project Management, said: “The project looks good and it’s a great product, which meets the growing demand for a sustainable solution.”

As well as featuring a sustainable formulation, the product was delivered to the Doncaster site in large, recyclable, bulk containers to reduce waste packaging.

Alan Dean, Managing Director of Flowcrete UK, said: “This project shows how stunning aesthetics and durability can be achieved with a focus on sustainability, due to Mirrazzo’s composition of recycled materials, its longevity and ease of maintenance.

“Key to it being ‘green’ is the system’s longevity. It is exceptionally hard-wearing and, once installed, can remain in place for decades, with very little maintenance required.

“These long-lasting qualities mean it can stay in-situ when other shorter life-cycle floors have to be re-installed due to wear and tear.

“This avoids detriment to the environment in three key areas, the uplift, removal and disposal of the worn-out floor finish, the manufacturing procedure of new flooring and even more pparation to repeat the installation.

Mondéco also requires cleaning procedures with little concern to the environment, particularly as it is smooth, flat, seamless and sealed. Ultimately Mondéco creates a floor for life, with the product looking as good as new even decades after installation.”


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