Monodec Polished Concrete

  • Monodec Polished Concrete
  • Monodec Polished Concrete
  • Monodec Polished Concrete
  • Monodec Polished Concrete
  • Monodec Polished Concrete

A Monodec Grande Lux floor is created by using diamond grinding techniques to remove the surface laitance and expose the natural aggregates in the concrete mix.

The slab is then treated to strengthen the concrete and 
ensure a uniform finish. Designers can even choose between a coloured 
stain or patterned visual effect. 

Polishing and grinding techniques are then employed to achieve a super 
flat, super glossy finish that is durable, easy to clean and maintain 
alongside offering clients a lifecycle cost that is typically 60% less 
than traditional floor coverings.

Each Monodec Grande Lux floor is unique, as the final result depends on the existing slab’s specific make up.

Monodec Grande Lux


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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Euclid Chemical's range of Monodec Polished Concrete…

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