Peran STB

Peran STB is a hardwearing yet decorative matt system that consists of coloured quartz granules encapsulated within a clear resin binder.

The bright particles within the floor create an attractive, dappled effect across the floor’s surface and thanks to its high scratch, chemical and abrasion resistance it will retain its visual appeal despite heavy traffic, impacts and chemical spillages.

This combination of durability and aesthetic properties makes Peran STB ideal for busy commercial facilities such as hotels, casinos, shopping centres and leisure venues, where the floor needs to constantly impress despite being subjected to challenging onsite conditions. 

The Peran STB range consists of three systems, which have been tailored to suit different environments and scenarios.

  • Peran STB Compact: Laid at a thickness of 3mm, this power trowel applied system is a popular choice for those areas of a commercial space where the floor will be exposed to sustained foot traffic and regular cleaning.
  • Peran STB Classic: A slightly thicker system than the Compact version, Peran STB Classic is hand trowelled to 4mm instead of 3mm and exhibits superior impact resistance, making it suitable for the more heavy-duty areas of a commercial location.
  • Peran STB Classic for Wet Areas: This 5mm, hand trowelled system is textured to create an anti-slip surface that will help to minimise slips and fall in areas prone to excessive water exposure and spillages such as kitchens, showers, changing rooms and pool surrounds.  
Product Benefits
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Slip Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Impact Resistant

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Available Colours

This system is available in the following standard colours…

  • Blue 502Blue 502
  • Cream 103Cream 103
  • Green 602Green 602
  • Grey 704Grey 704
  • Red 301Red 301
  • Yellow 102Yellow 102

Please note that due to a number of factors - including your monitor's brightness, contrast and colour depth - the colours shown on screen may differ from those physically applied.

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