All That Glitters Is Not Gold

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

05 Dec 2014

  • Resin flooring can be used to great effect in commercial areas.
  • Flowcrete’s resin finishes offer sustainability advantages.
  • Stylish formulations are ideal for customer facing environments.

Decorative floors deliver a transformational effect underfoot - and designer finishes from Flowcrete pave the way in terms of style, sustainability and substance.

Surfaces are available in a rainbow of colours, from bright bold shades through to pastel hues.

And with design features including the ability to add shimmering metallic and quartz finishes, as well as coloured glass, into the mix, the options to create a statement look are almost unlimited.

Such stylish formulations are the ideal choice for high impact, customer facing environments, creating the wow factor in areas including shopping malls and airports.

Ian Jones, Flowcrete’s Marketing Manager, said: “Resin flooring can be used to great effect in commercial areas, providing a dynamic, individualistic and experimental medium for specifiers, including architects and designers.

“Blending fashionable colours, sparkle, texture and special effects into the mix makes the floors so much more than something to just walk over.”

One of the most popular choices for decorative flooring is Flowcrete’s high end seamless terrazzo, the designer label system, Mondéco.

This flooring provides the ultimate in luxury and durability, with a wide variety of colourful and decorative aggregates to choose from. These are incorporated into the resin mix and then diamond ground, to deliver a smooth terrazzo floor finish.

Other floor finishes from Flowcrete that can offer a creative effect include the Peran SL and Comfort self-smoothing resins, available in a wide variety of shades and with a gloss or matt finish.

On-trend quartz finishes include Peran STB and Flowshield Quartz, while the natural beauty of nature can be brought indoors with the resin-bound stone carpet, Rustik.

As well as performing well in the style stakes, all Flowcrete’s decorative resin finishes offer a variety of sustainability advantages.

Flowcrete systems are manufactured with very low percentage emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Products can also be supplied in bulk materials using intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or recyclable drum containers, spelling an end to delivery to site in smaller tins.

And in some flooring finishes, recycled products from industry waste streams in the manufacturing process.

This includes the reuse of materials including pulverised fuel ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag and recycled glass and mirrors. This not only helps with the manufacturing process; the use of recycled glass and mirrors in floors such as the seamless terrazzo Mondéco can reduce the need for artificial strip and spotlighting, by creating inbuilt light reflective properties

Resin floors also represent a durable and low maintenance choice – which in turn enhances green credentials. They can stay in-situ when other shorter life-cycle floors have to be re-installed due to wear and tear – avoiding the uplift, removal and disposal of the worn-out floor finish, the manufacturing procedure of new flooring and more preparation to repeat the installation.

Then, at the end of their lifecycle, resin floors can be removed as non-hazardous waste or simply floored over.


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