Structural & Surface Repairs

  • Structural & Surface Repairs

Flowcrete UK can provide access to the following range of Euclid Chemical's concrete repair materials:

Horizontal Repair

Underlayments, overlayments and patching compounds in self leveling, trowel, or form and pour applications.

Vertical/Overhead Repair

Patching compounds for vertical and overhead applications in trowel, form and pour, or spray applications.

Underwater Mortar

Rapid setting cementitious products for easy placement and long lasting repairs for underwater applications.

Find out about Euclid Chemical's concrete repair materials by selecting a system, or to discuss your concrete protection and repair requirements, call our technical team now

Available Systems
Technical Data
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TAMMSCRETE Euclid Chemical Datasheets
THIN-TOP SUPREME Euclid Chemical Datasheets
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